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Customized Strategies for Corporate Growth

The Approach

Paperweight Business Development Solutions, LLC provides business development consulting services to companies in core industries. Different from marketing or sales support, business development strategies provide a foundation for how you focus on identifying and targeting new customers. Marketing investments, therefore, bolster good business development plans, which, in turn, position you to make sales.

 I’ve spent over 15 years in Economic Development and managed several successful business development programs. My expertise is built on three pillars: having comprehensive industry insights to inform on where your market is headed, exploiting your relationships with stakeholders every opportunity you get, and building valuable relationships with government partners.

Paperweight offers three levels of service to address business development needs:


Strategic Business Development Plans

Strategic Business Development Plans guide how to meet your business development objectives. The Plans are created after a collaborative process through which I’ve learned about your interests in new business growth and your challenges. Drawing heavily on my economic development background and business development success, every Plan will always include three pillars: 1) an industry overview and market analysis, 2) direction for exploiting stakeholder relationships, and 3) the benefits of partnering with the government to bolster your progress. The details of how those pillars come together for your success will be customized based on your company’s specific needs. 


Event Management and Execution

Paperweight offers a comprehensive approach to Plan success by incorporating tactical event execution support. Our services enable business leaders and teams to concentrate solely on fostering client relationships and driving successful deals during their travel. We specialize in maximizing stakeholder engagements at conferences and trade shows, providing end-to-end planning, preparation, and on-the-ground coordination of transportation, lodging, meeting locations, and objective meeting material preparation. With our expertise, company leadership can focus exclusively on cultivating client relationships while we manage and execute the myriad details associated with their travel. The strategic approach to our guidance encompasses considerations for sponsorships, speaking engagements, and physical booth investments, ensuring that all travel efforts align with the prerequisite Business Development Plan. 


Fractional Implementation Support

Paperweight is available to assist with implementing any Strategic Business Development Plan components on a fractional employee basis.

Our Mission & Vision


To use economic development as a foundation for providing comprehensive business development solutions to small and medium companies, bolstering their ability to excel in customer reach and sales growth.


To enhance the business development industry by creating a space for economic development expertise to guide individual companies' growth.

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Bethany Miller

Rob McMillin, VP

Bethany Miller is a true professional whose knowledge of overseas business is invaluable to any company desiring to export goods and/or service. Her advice and counsel have given us an understanding of the complexities involved and helped us streamline our processes.

VP Aircraft & Aircraft Systems

Davenport Aviation

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