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Meet Bethany

Creative Mind

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Bethany Joy Miller is an economic developer by trade. After earning a Masters in City & Regional Planning from The Ohio State University, she worked for local, regional, and state economic development organizations to drive business development results in the public sector. Complimented by her leadership of regional organizations in Virginia and Texas in winning new clients (attracting companies), her strategic business development track record is well-rounded.


To keep clients (existing companies), she spent years honing expertise on issues related to ensuring businesses had what they needed for success within their community, like more office or production space, help with hiring or training, or exploring international sales. Most recently, Bethany was Amazon’s first economic development hire for its retail Physical Stores, where she guided corporate and community stakeholders through issues critical to developing lasting relationships and meeting important project timelines. 

Results have always driven Bethany. As Vice President of Business Development for the Greater Richmond Partnership, Bethany's efforts led to the location of 22 companies, creating over 1,000 direct jobs and capturing $149M in capital investment. During her time at the Greater Houston Partnership, Bethany’s leadership of the region's domestic business development team attracted 47 companies that created 6,100 direct jobs and made $1.6 billion in capital investments during the pandemic. With Amazon, Bethany helped successfully launch 25 stores in eight states and 23 jurisdictions in less than 18 months.  


Now, in a shift of perspectives, Bethany is eager to apply her expertise in community business development to companies, one firm at a time.

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