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I’m a career economic developer and am passionate about my industry. Regardless of my job title or organization, time and again, I’ve witnessed the benefits of strategic efforts to engage, inform, and build lasting relationships with targeted customers and clients. Traditionally, in economic development, this means positioning a community in a way that attracts new companies and makes the existing companies want to stick around. Industry insights, stakeholder engagement, and government partnerships rule the day when it comes to telling a compelling economic development story – and the same can be said for companies looking for a novel approach to getting the most value from their business development efforts. 

At Paperweight Business Development Solutions, LLC, I’m taking the skills I’ve refined to grow whole communities and boiling them down to strategies that work for individual companies. Connect with me today to share your business development goals and objectives and get started on creating some solutions. 

Richmond, Virginia


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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
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